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Cheap International Calls

Cheap International Calls from the UK

Thursday 27. October 2016
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Cheap International Phone Calls From The UK

Call overseas countries at low UK rates!

Welcome to Simply Ring, where you can make cheap international calls using the UK's no.1 instant dial service.

With Simply Ring you just dial one of our international access numbers, typically starting with 08xx or 09xx. The cost of calling the access number is billed by your telephone provider, so you don't need to buy any calling cards, open any new accounts or pay any extra bills to call overseas at our low low rates!

You can call abroad to hundreds of countries like India, the U.A.E., the USA, Spain, Pakistan, Iran, Canada, France, Brazil, Germany, Chile, Australia, Italy, New Zealand, Poland, Iraq, the Philippines, and many more. Just dial and save instantly!


For prices and access numbers just click the initial of the country from the list below.

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*Call rates are based on BT's charges. Calls from other landline providers or mobiles may carry a surcharge by them.